Parkview Properties Inc.
"I have good neighbors and enjoy my home"  -  Fred L.
New Custom Built Homes
Purchase a new system built home to place  on your lot
here at Parkview Properties.  

We work with the best system built home companies in
the area to bring you a wide range of home options so
you can choose the features you would like to see in
your next home.  No matter what you are looking for in a
home, Parkview Properties will help fulfill all of your
home-ownership dreams.

We also have Showcase Homes on sight right here next
to our office.  We have chosen the colors and the
features that we would choose for our own home. These
homes are available to be set up on your lot right here at
Parkview Properties.  We have these homes listed on
Homes For Sale page of our website .These homes
are available for tours to see for yourself the quality of
our homes.  If you have questions, or would like to take a
tour, please stop by our office at 1331 Bellevue St, Green
Bay, or  contact our office by phone (920-468-5070) or by
email to arrange for a tour.
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